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Adore Yoga Therapy Graduate Diploma training
The most comprehensive and recognised Yoga Therapist training.


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Before I tell you about this life changing program, let's talk about who this is really for...

You're a passionate yoga teacher who longs to go beyond general classes and build a yoga business that impacts more people, work with the students who light you up and earn more money while letting go of the work that drains you. 


Whether you're...

  • A teacher who's benefited from the healing power of yoga and feel called to share that healing with others.
  • A studio yoga teacher who's burning out from teaching dozens of classes each week and looking for more sustainable ways of making a living.
  • Passionate about teaching yoga but don't feel your original training gave you the skills and confidence you need to be a truly great teacher.
  • Working with students with injuries and health problems, but worry you don't have the knowledge to teach them safely.


You're in the right place and I'm go to tell you exactly how the Adore Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy will give you the tools, inspiration and support on your journey to becoming a highly skilled and in-demand Yoga Therapist.


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Ally Miller, QLD

Adore Yoga Therapy student

"In comparison to the other YT therapy courses I have done - you rock 100%. I can't thank you enough for how much care and support you have provided. I'm so grateful and excited to be an Adore Trainee so, THANK YOU!!!"

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By the end of this training

You will have:

  • The skills and confidence to teach students with a range of physical, mental and emotional health issues.
  • A thorough grasp - and practical experience in applying - the philosophy and psychology of yoga therapy.
  • Real-world experience teaching therapeutic yoga, with feedback from expert mentors.
  • Become an expert in an area of yoga therapy that you are passionate about - the sky's the limit!
  • The tools you need to build a thriving yoga therapy business so you get to do the work you love.
  • The skills to work in clinical environments, including hospitals, psychology practices, rehab clinics and more.
  • The qualifications to stand out from the crowd, attract the students of your dreams and earn more money.



Get access to Priority Booking + Exclusive Bonuses for the January 2023 Intake

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Effe Diamond, NSW

Adore Yoga Therapy student

"I feel such a level of accomplishment at the end of each module. And I have to say, the online sessions are great. I do love face to face education but not traveling to education facilities has been quite a relief."

Your Investment in your future as a Yoga Therapist

Your investment in your future as a certified Yoga Therapist includes:

  • 680hrs training over 2 years (that's 30hrs more than industry standard)
  • Lifetime access to comprehensive learning resources
  • Free access to future Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy course upgrades
  • Assessment and certification

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See what our graduates say about studying Yoga Therapy at Adore...


Studying yoga therapy at Adore Yoga has made a huge difference. All the elements I’ve learned have been infused into what I teach. It’s working - I can see it working and so can my students. 

Jim Geddes, Newcastle NSW

Lenore Bower portrait
This course has helped me immensely, both professionally and personally. I look forward to training with Nik and the Adore Team again. Thank you so much!

Lenore Bower, Sydney NSW


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It has changed the way I teach dramatically. I teach more from a trauma informed background now. It has allowed me to trust my own judgement.

Anne Laure, Oregon USA


The Adore Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy 
Standards are even higher, content is even deeper, your learning experience is even more profound. Your rich and rewarding course curriculum is designed to build your skills so you can be confident of having maximum impact in the world:
  • Module 1. The philosophy and psychology of yoga therapy: You have the foundational knowledge to teach with authenticity and integrity.
  • Module 2. Yoga therapy and mental health: Be able to safely and effectively support students recovering from anxiety, depression, eat disorders and addiction.
  • Module 3. Clinical assessment skills: Confidently assess students' needs, plan a program of treatment and teach with confidence.
  • Module 4. Advanced yoga anatomy: Apply functional anatomy to manage musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries.
  • Module 5. Yoga for special populations: Know how to effectively support students with special health needs, from autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular disease to neurodegenerative disorders and respiratory disorders.
  • Module 6. Applied Ayurveda: Weave the ancient healing tools of Ayurveda into your teaching, including Ayurvedic diagnosis, food and lifestyle guidance.
  • Module 7. Meditation in yoga therapy: Determine the right meditation type for each student and teach in a stepped way that ensures safe and effective learning.
  • Module 8. Research skills: Become an expert in an area of Yoga Therapy that you are passionate about.
  • Module 9. Diversity and ethics: Be confident working ethically and in inclusive, culturally safe ways with students of all backgrounds.
  • Module 10. Professional skills for yoga therapists: Build a thriving Yoga Therapy practice using advanced marketing skills.


"Is this course right for me?"


Book a 20 min Discovery Call to find out!


Book a 20 minute discovery call with me and I'll answer all your nagging questions. I know that training to be a certified Yoga Therapist is a big commitment! I've trained hundreds of successful yoga teachers and know what it takes to make it work for each individual.  Book a call at a time to suit you and we'll explore what flexible Yoga Therapy training will look like for YOU.


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"I did my yoga therapy training with Adore Yoga - I loved it!


Terrific teachers. I wouldn't be able to do what I do now if I had not studied with Nikola Ellis and her amazing and varied teachers!"


Vikki Cleary, NSW

Adore Yoga Therapy Graduate

Course Highlights



You'll learn how to assess your students' anatomical and emotional health using the principles Yoga & Ayurveda, so you'll know exactly how to support their healing. 


Yoga therapy can bring up unprocessed thoughts and feelings - the issues are in the tissues! You'll learn how to create a safe space and confidently support your students to learn, grow, and explore throughout their treatment.


We teach you how to read and interpret information provided by health professionals and work collaboratively with them. That means better care for your students and more referrals for you.


You'll learn how to confidently craft a personalised treatment plan for each of your clients. We teach you the skills needed to guide your client through the most effective treatment for them, no matter what problems they're facing.


You'll have many opportunities to practice and refine your new skills, getting plenty of peer and teacher feedback to develop both the knowledge AND confidence to make an impact on the world with yoga therapy.


How do you know if what you are teaching your students is safe and effective? We'll show you how to research reliable studies so you can support your work with evidence-based research.

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Want to know more before deciding?

Read our FAQ's

Where does this course take place?

This course is 100% online. You can attend from anywhere in the world. You'll be participating in live online tutorials plus home study (both online and offline). The practicum hours (150hrs) take place in a place that is convenient for you, such as a local yoga studio, your home, community centre, online, health clinic or other appropriate setting. Please note that attendance at live online tutorials are mandatory. These take place from 9.30am - 5.30pm Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne time.

How long does it take to complete the course?
The Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy is a 680hr program that runs for a minimum of 2 years. However, the course has a flexible format for self-paced study and you can take up to 4 years to complete.
What happens if I miss some of the live training sessions?
You must participate in a minimum of 80% of the live training sessions (both online and in person sessions). Some missed sessions can be made up via mentoring, others can be caught up when the session runs again in 12-24 months time.
How much home-study will I have to do?
This training requires you to complete a minimum of 180 hours home study, including reading, assignment writing, eLearning modules, teaching exercises and research. In addition, you must complete 150hrs of practicum work. During your practicum hours you will hone your developing Yoga Therapy skills by observing and assisting senior teachers/yoga therapists and offering consultations to individuals and small groups.
Do I have to buy books or other materials?
You will be expected to read widely from the course reading list. The current list recommends approximately 22 books, of which 7 are compulsory You will not be required to purchase any other materials. 
What are the course entry requirements?
This is an advanced training for yoga teachers who currently hold a minimum 350hrs training. RYT200 or newly graduated teachers should apply to join the introductory Yoga Therapy Fundamentals program (70hrs).
What accreditation will I receive?
When you successfully complete all course requirements, you will receive the Graduate Diploma of Yoga Therapy and be eligible to register as an accredited Yoga Therapist with Yoga Australia.
What technology equipment and skills do I need for the online components?
You will be using Zoom for the live online workshops and mentoring sessions. You will need a device with good internet access, a camera and speakers. You will also be using Dropbox and other platforms to receive and share content during the course. All the technologies we use are free and easy to use - you do not have to pay for a subscription to any platforms.
Do I have to travel to Adore to do my practicum hours?
No. The practicum hours (150hrs) take place in a place that is convenient for you, such as a local yoga studio, your home, community centre, health clinic or other appropriate setting. 


Course Structure

The Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy is a 680hr program, taught over 2 years. The program is 100% online and can be completed from anywhere in the world. Please note - attendance at live online tutorials and intensives are mandatory. These take place between 9.30am and 5.30pm, Sydney/Melbourne/Canberra time. 


Self paced home study (180hrs)

The home study component of this training is delivered via e-Learning modules, written content, videos, audio and reading tasks. Work at your own pace, in your own time. You'll also be connecting with fellow students for home study tasks, teaching practice and opportunities to share your yoga therapy passion and progress.

Live Online Tutorials (348hrs)

Highly interactive and engaging, you'll join fellow students in real time for live teaching exercises and participation in class discussions. Cameras are on and energy is high!

1:1 Mentoring sessions (12hrs)

Live online personalised mentoring with a senior teacher. You will experience personalised yoga therapy and one-on-one guidance  to build your understanding of key topic areas. Your mentors will help you develop your personal practice, keep your learning on track and support you to feel connected throughout the program.

Student practicum (150hrs)

You'll get plenty of opportunities to put your learning into practice. With private student and small group teaching practice, you'll start applying what you learn right away! Practicum hours are conducted in your home location, both online and face to face.



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Sandra Marcourakis, Belgium

Adore Yoga Graduate

"Adore Yoga is ahead of its time. Studying at Adore Yoga has given me the ability to teach real tools to my students. The ability to combine Hatha Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Meditation in a flawless way allows me to understand the real needs of my students.  Had I not studied Yoga Therapy at Adore, I might have been a trained teacher that would never really teach."



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* Deposits are refundable for cancelations made up to 6 weeks of program start date. Deposits are not refundable after this time. The proportion of course fees paid that are not used may be refunded.