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Live Online 24 July - 4 September 2022


Transform lives through Teaching Meditation


  • Learn to teach 5 Meditation Styles with Confidence.

  • Walk Away with a 5 Week Course - Ready to Use!

  • No teaching experience required.

  • Live online - access from anywhere.

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Are you excited about the transformative potential of meditation?

With two decades experience sharing evidence based meditation for mental and emotional wellbeing, Nikola and the team at Adore Yoga have developed this time-tested program that works if you: 


  • Want to share meditation with clients, but don’t know where to start
  • Are a practitioner wanting add meditation to your skill-set
  • Want to safely teach clients with mental health issues
  • Want to confidently develop successful meditation classes and courses 
  • Need to access training online, but still want a live and personalised experience
Prue Wright psychologist

Prue Wright, Sydney

Psychologist and course graduate

“Adore Yoga’s meditation course gave me a platform from which to structure  meditation courses for a range of people in different settings. The course was well planned and enjoyable offering both the practical elements but also the philosophical underpinnings of meditation. The teachers were knowledgeable and approachable with an easy interactional style. I would highly recommend this course.”




 Course Curriculum
    We start with a fascinating exploration of meditation through the lens of both ancient and modern wisdom to gain a broad insight into the practice, purpose and experience of meditation. This module includes an introduction to East-West psychology, including both traditional Eastern concepts of the mind and cutting edge neuroscience.

    There are many different meditation styles, but the one thing they all have in common is the process of coming into the here and now without distraction from our thoughts or senses. In other words, mindfulness. In this module, we attempt to define mindfulness, explore how to prepare for and practice it and how can we take mindfulness off the meditation cusion and into daily life. 

     Discover meditation in the context of the human energetic system. We will learn about the ancient concepts of Prana (life force energy), Nadis (energy channels) and Chakras (physical energy centres) and how they can be used to support an effective meditation practice. You will also learn about the role of breathing in mental health and explore the links between the breath and meditation. This part of the course includes training in key mindful breathing techniques (Pranayama). 

    Learn how to create meditation programs that flow seamlessly, offering your students a rich experience of personal re-integration. You’ll learn how to prepare, plan and deliver courses of different lengths and workshops that meet the individual needs of different students.





Meditation Teacher Training (50hrs)

The live tutorials take place from 9.30am - 12.30pm Sydney/Melbourne time on:

Sunday 24 July 2022
Sunday 7 August 2022
Sunday 28 August 2022
Sunday 4 September 2022


Live tutorials are highly interactive with real-time hands on collaborative practice. sessions will be recorded for you to keep forever.



SAVE $380 when you book before 11 May 2022

Multi module 50 hr Meditation Teacher Training
4 x Live Tutorials with expert teachers
Lifetime access to course content
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BONUS 2: 60 minute Group Mentoring Session (Value: $150)
BONUS 3: 3 x Guided meditation and relaxation recordings (Value: $30)

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Get all this value for just $690!

PLUS easy payment plan: $230 deposit plus 2 x monthly payments of $230.

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Nikola Ellis Meditation posture exterior

Nikola Ellis C-IAYT, MCAP, GDipPH


Nikola Ellis has been immersed in meditation and yoga for over 30 years. She has a Master's degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy and a Graduate Diploma in Public Health, as well as being a certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and meditation teacher. 

A past Vice President of Yoga Australia, Nikola has decades of experience in both Western and Eastern approaches to mental and emotional wellbeing. Her professional, evidence based trainings take a highly personalised and practical approach. She is well known for her engaging teaching style. 


Sunita Patil

Sunita first learned to meditate with her Grandmother, growing up in India. After completing a Master's degree in Computing and living in Europe, the USA and Asia, Sunita settled in Sydney and turned her lifelong passion for meditation, yoga and Ayurveda into a career. She is a highly sought after guest teacher on a number of international yoga and meditation teacher trainings.

Sunita is highly skilled in translating her vast knowledge of the philosophy and practice of meditation for the modern student. Relatable, warm and passionate about her work, Sunita has more than 30 years experience and has taught thousands of students worldwide.


sunita prayer

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Adore Stage 1 Meditation Teacher Training is a 50 hour program. It is taught 100% online and can be completed from anywhere in the world. There are two steps in this exciting, interactive course:


1. Live online tutorials 

2. Self-paced home study.


This is no 'set and forget' online course. It's up close and personal with live personalised teaching, individualised feedback and real-time practical work.

1. Live Online Tutorials

Connect with like minded meditators in our engaging live online tutorials. In these super interactive sessions, you'll get plenty of practice applying your new skills in small-group break out rooms.  You'll gain hands-on teaching experience and personalised feedback that ensures you get real and lasting value from your training. There are four live tutorials on Sundays 9.30am - 12.30pm, Sydney/Melbourne time. See course guide for details.



2. Self Paced Home Study

Between each live online tutorial, you'll receive a  comprehensive home study module. This will prepare for you to get the most out of every tutorial. Packed with a wealth of hand-picked content, you'll get rich insight into each subject area with engaging videos, easy-to-follow notes and practical tasks.


Online yoga therapy training

Live Online Tutorial Timetable

The live online tutorials with world-class senior teachers take place on Sundays 9.30am and 12.30pm, Sydney/Melbourne time. See free Course Guide for all dates and topics.

Sunday 24 July 2022
Sunday 7 August 2022
Sunday 28 August 2022
Sunday 4 September 2022

Get The 2022 Meditation Teacher Training Guide

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What our graduates are saying...


Mary abraham meditation
I came away at the end of course feeling on a high. I had a surge of optimism which I have not felt for a long time. I would highly recommend this course for those who want to learn meditation. Thank you for the experience.

Mary Abraham, Sydney

Claire Cairns
I came from a totally different background in facilitation as a performing arts and public speaking coach. I was very interested in this particular meditation facilitation course, having practiced yoga for many years. I was so glad I enrolled. I really enjoyed working with Sunita, Nikola and the wonderful students. The philosophy and theory behind what we practiced was so helpful. I look forward to dedicating a whole course to meditation now and sharing this with our performing art and public speaking students! Thanks Adore Yoga

Claire Cairns, UK

Wendy clarke
 Thank you for all your support, your incredible knowledge and ability to share that knowledge in a relevant, easy to understand way that is meaningful and practical.

Wendy Clarke, Queensland


If you are passionate about sharing meditation with your community - or even just deepening your own meditation practice - Adore Meditation Teacher Training may be right for you. Ideal students for this course fall into one of three categories:


It seems like every class you teach has a student experiencing burn out, anxiety or depression. You'd love to help them with meditation, but worry you don't know enough to teach with confidence and integrity. This course gives you the foundational skills to help students manage their emotional wellbeing with meditation. 

meditation teacher training session


You’re a health or complementary medicine professional who instinctively knows that meditation will have a positive impact on your clients. This course will show you how to tailor the techniques of meditation to support optimum mental and emotional wellbeing.


Health professionals meditation program


You are a regular meditator who wants to explore new styles of meditation and deepen your practice. This course will provide the support and inspiration you need to develop a personal practice tailored to meet your individual needs. 



Meditation practitioner
Julieta casa
Thank you so much Nikola for this beautiful course. I am very grateful for all the generosity of the teachers, experiences and being able to connect with all of you.

Julieta Casa, Sydney


Want to know more before deciding?

Read our FAQ's

Where does this course take place?

This course is 100% online. You can attend from anywhere in the world. You'll be participating in live online tutorials plus home study (both online and offline).  Please note that attendance at live online tutorials are mandatory. These take place from 9.30am - 5.30pm Sydney/Canberra/Melbourne time.

How long does it take to complete the course?
Adore Meditation Teacher Training runs from 24 July - 4 September 2022. This 50 hour training includes 4 live online tutorials (12hrs) and 28hrs remote learning.
What happens if I miss some of the live training sessions?
No. There is a recommended reading list, but all compulsory readings are provided in the notes.
How much home-study will I have to do?
This training requires you to complete a minimum of 28 hours home study, including reading, assignment writing, eLearning modules, teaching exercises and research.
Do I have to buy books or other materials?
No. You will be provided with a recommended reading list, but all compulsory readings will be provided in the course notes. 
What are the course entry requirements?
This course is open to everybody who has previously practiced meditation. You do not need an advanced meditation practice to join. Practitioners of all levels are welcome and your personal practice will deepen as you progress through the course. 
What accreditation will I receive?
When you successfully complete all course requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion.  You may use the hours from this course as RPL towards other Adore Meditation and Yoga Therapy programs. You may also use the hours completed for CPD's with Yoga Australia and other professional bodies. 
What technology equipment and skills do I need for the online components?
 Our online program is easy to use and all you need is a laptop or PC with an recent operating system, a camera, microphone and internet connection.


Super Early Bird available until 11 May 2022

No payment required to apply.

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Sandra Marcourakis, Belgium

Adore Yoga Graduate

"Adore Yoga is ahead of its time. Studying at Adore Yoga has given me the ability to teach real tools to my students. The ability to combine Yoga and Meditation in a flawless way allows me to understand the real needs of my students."



Still not sure if this is the right program for you?


Book a 15 min Discovery Call with course director Nikola Ellis!


A Discovery Call is the best way to answer all your questions so you can decide if this is the right course for you. Let's chat -  I'd love to hear from you!


Book Discovery Call 

Get The 2022 Meditation Teacher Training Guide

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Adore Yoga 20 years

* Deposits are refundable for cancelations made up to 6 weeks of program start date. Deposits are not refundable after this time. The proportion of course fees paid that are not used may be refunded.