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Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers

Learn to combine Yoga and Ayurveda to help your students heal.

28 February - Friday 1 March 2019, Frenchs Forest (Northern Beaches)

Fee: $320

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 Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers Highlights:

  • Learn to use Ayurveda in your yoga teaching.
  • Discover how to balance the doshas through asana.
  • Offer your students Ayurvedic dietary advice.
  • Learn to assess your students using Ayurveda.
  • Explore the history and philosophy of Ayurveda.


Ayurveda, India’s ancient system of healing, is a powerful modality that perfectly complements yoga. In this fascinating training, you will learn how to help your students manage their health by skilfully combining yoga with the time-tested principles of Ayurveda.


During this two day course, you will build your understanding of Ayuvreda and develop the skills you need to integrate Ayurveda into your yoga teaching practice. Learning from an experienced senior yoga teacher and expert in Ayurveda, you will:


  • Learn to assess your students' health issues using Ayurvedic principles.
  • Understand which yoga poses will balance your students dosha.
  • Learn which foods help to address different dosha imbalances.
  • Discover how to integrate Ayurveda into your yoga practice and teaching.


You will be joining a small group of like minded yoga teachers to explore the rich tradition of Ayurveda, gaining solid, practical skills that you can start using right away, including:


  • How to develop a bespoke Ayurvedic lifestyle plan.
  • Understand the benefits of Ayurvedic cleansing techniques.
  • How and why Ayurveda offers lasting results.
  • The fundamentals of Ayurvedic diagnosis.


This introduction to the art and science of Ayurveda offers practical skills you can use every-day, plus an insight into how skilled Ayurvedic practitioners and Yoga Therapists support clients in many ways, including:


  • Managing chronic health issues
  • Rejuvenating body, mind and spirit
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Preventing health problems
  • Overcoming fatigue or exhaustion
  • Managing pain
  • Reducing allergies
  • Letting go of unhealthy habits
  • Reducing digestive problems


Is this course right for me?

This course is for yoga teachers and yoga teachers in training who want to learn to use Ayurveda to help students manage their health and wellbeing. At the end of the course you will be able to integrate the principles and practices of Ayurveda into your work as a yoga teacher. 


Course dates and times

  • 9.30am - 5.30pm Thurs 28 February - Friday 1 March 2019 (two days)


Course venue

The program takes place at Adore Yoga's training facility in Davidson (near Frenchs Forest), 20 mins north of Sydney CBD.



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 Course Faculty 

You will be learning from a senior teacher and expert in Ayurveda.


sunita patil

Sunita Patil

Sunita is a yogini, teacher, writer, artist, and coach. She has over a 30 years experience of yoga and over the past 17 years she has taught thousands of students in Australia, USA and India. Sunita has studied yoga, ayurveda and Sanskrit at advanced levels in India (BKS Iyengar Institute), Europe (Yoga Philosophy at the University of Oxford), the USA and Australia.  Sunita is passionate about making the sophisticated aspects of yoga philosophy accessible to everyone. 


How To Book 

Enrolment and Fees
Fee includes all tuition, notes and refreshments: $320  
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Booking Terms and Conditions

*Payment plan available - ask here for details* Deposit and fees are non refundable. Should you cancel your booking more than four weeks prior to start date, 50% of the balance after non-refundable deposit will be given. No refunds will be made for cancellations made within 4 weeks of start date. See prospectus for full terms and conditions.



*This course is foundational and does not qualify you to work as an Ayurvedic doctor or Ayurvedic consultant.